Stradivarius found above chicken coop

Posted on April 13, 2006 

Stradivarius found above chicken coop

An elderly Hungarian is set to become a millionaire after finding a priceless Stradivarius violin hidden above his chicken coop.

Imre Horvath, 68, makes a living from the poultry and egss he sells from his home on a smallholding, near Debrecen.

He believes the violin was hidden in the roof space by his musician father, Zoltan, before he went off to fight in the war.

Zoltan was killed in the war and never had a chance to tell his family where the instrument was hidden, reports Debreceni Napelo.

He built the house in the 1920s and lived there with his family until he was called up to fight, and never returned.

Imre said he had no use for the instrument, and had taken it to an expert in Debrecen to have it valued because it looked like it was particularly good quality.

He said: “They were very excited – but sent me to the capital to have their findings checked, and they confirmed the violin was made by the famous 17th century Italian instrument maker Antonio Stradivari.

“I was delighted but then terrified because I have nowhere I can keep the violin in my little house, I just want to sell it as soon as possible and put the money in the bank. Then I can relax.”

Only about 650 genuine Stradivarius violins are believed to exist today and one recently sold in the US for more than £1million.

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