Rehearsal was pants

Posted on April 22, 2006 

Rehearsal was pants

A high school play has been axed in the US after students conducted a rehearsal in their underwear.

Teachers at Glenbard West High School, near Chicago, called off the production of Raised in Captivity.

Glenbard West High School’s principal says the matter is ‘non-negotiable’ but students are angry.

“None of us are mad at getting suspended, detentions, anything else. We just feel it was very wrong to cancel our show we’ve been working very hard on,” said Cherice Cosentino.

And play co-director Annette Bellezzo added: “Everybody in the cast is apologetic about their actions and we accepted our punishments, but we feel that canceling the play in addition to our punishment is far too harsh.”

The students say they decided to rehearse in their underwear to help them with stage fright.

But when school officials heard about the rehearsal, they cancelled the play and disciplined the students.

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