Is Marvel Ready for its Close-Up?

Is Marvel Ready for its Close-Up?

The comic-book king is tired of taking a safe but small cut from licensing its characters for blockbuster films – so now it’s going to make the movies itself.

Bombs burst. Tongues of flame split the predawn darkness. People in bomber jackets, clutching weapons, lurk in the shadows. Then a barrel-chested man in black edges forward and, in a thick Israeli accent, issues a command: “Colossus’s hand has to touch Rogue’s forehead,” he says. “Not her hair. For her to take on his shielding powers, he must touch her skin.”

The man is Avi Arad, chief executive of Marvel Entertainment’s Marvel Studios unit. The setting is the woods near Vancouver, British Columbia, where 20th Century Fox is shooting its soon-to-be-released X-Men 3, and Arad, as is his habit, is laying down the law according to Marvel.

Make your own ice shot glass

iceshot I saw similar ice shot glasses a couple of years ago and remembered them as very cool. I will probably give these ones a try. They seem very easy to do and they are really cool – in all ways.

IceShotGlasses [Elephantstaircase]
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iPod underwear – the iBox boxers

iPod underwear ibox solid boxer There are so many iPod accessories out there that I could probably dedicate a whole category to that topic (I’m not going to do that though) – but are there really any need for this one? iPod boxer shorts? I’m sceptical about these ones, what do you say?

iPod Underwear [wired blogs]

Classical Superbowl commercials

Michael Jordan & Larry Bird in Mc Donald's commercial AOL Sports have published 15 classical Superbowl commercials ranging from this McDonald’s showdown featuring Michael Jordan and Larry Bird to an Apple commercial from 1984 when they introduced the Macintosh. Entertaining.

Classic Superbowl commercials poll [AOL Sports]
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Porsche design lighter

Porsche Design PD6 Torch Flame Lighters
If you want to light up with style, check out these nice Porsche design lighters. The piezo ignition gives you a cool blue torch flame. They are quite expensive though – $170. Available in five different colors.

Porsche design PD6 torch flame lighter []