Online Live Roulette

Online Live Roulette

There are many similarities between online live roulette games and playing roulette games in a brick and mortar casino. However the difference between these two form of gaming make the live casino experience more attractive to players, as it has a number of advantages over the standard brick and mortar casino gaming experience. Roulette has been one of the favourite casino games of nearly everyone for many years. When people headed to a brick and mortar casino, they bypass the blackjack tables, don’t even acknowledge the slot machine, and barely pay attention to what is happening in the poker room, as they dart straight towards the crowded roulette tables. The described scene is however history now since it has lost its popularity due to the easy accessibility of the game online.

A few a years ago, online casinos started to attract a lot of land-based casino players due to the convenience that it offered, where they could play at any time they wanted from the comfort of their home. And most recently the online gambling industry has gone through major innovation, where it has brought to players the immersive live roulette game. Having an online casino with live casino games right in your house saves you from having to dress up, jumping in the car, filling up the gas, driving miles away to a land-based casino, and there is also no need to fight for a spot at the crowded roulette table.

Live Roulette games are pretty much a full imitation of actual brick and mortar casino roulette, where it mixes the convenience of playing roulette games online at home with real live dealers, real roulette wheels, and other players in the setting of a real casino using the magic of live streaming through webcams. Since the creation of Live Roulette game from top game providers such as NetEnt, this game’s popularity has sky-rocketed to great heights. Magical Vegas is one popular online casino offering Live Roulette games from NetEnt, where players are at the heart of the live action much as in a brick and mortar casino.  Magical Vegas has been able to give players the possibility to enjoy the Las Vegas casino experience from the comfort of their home with live casino games such as Live Roulette, Live Roulette La Partage, Live Auto Roulette, Live Auto Roulette La Partage, Live French Roulette, Live French Auto Roulette and many more.

You experience the same thrill as in a land based casino when playing Live Roulette games, where you see the friendly dealer spinning the wheel, and you watch the ball go round the wheel and you wait for the ball to settle into its slots, while keeping your fingers crossed that it lands on one of the bets that you have placed.  If you are not quite acquainted to the rules of roulette, the live dealer would gladly explain how it is played and its rules. Moreover Live Roulette game brings in the social component, where you can chat with the dealer and other players seating at the table, while you may also congratulate other players on their win, have a peek of the bets of the other online live roulette players, and you may even thank the live dealer when you win big, without having to give them a tip!

Top 5 Tips for New Game Developers


“Who wants to Play video games” by JD Hancock released under CC Attribution license

Making games is a hobby that mixes the technical, with the creative, with the potentially professionally rewarding. You can make games provides some great tips:

Let me give you a few key pieces of advice to help you get started:

TIP #1 Don’t waste money

Don’t go out looking for software and books to buy, thinking that the more stuff you buy the better equipped you’ll be to make games. All the software and information you’re going to need to make games is available on the internet for free. You don’t need to spend any money – it won’t give you a leg up. All you need is self-motivation, and money can’t buy you that.

TIP #2 Don’t form teams

This seems an obvious thing to do and it’s a path universities will certainly push you towards. A lot of people get into the mentality that you need a coder, an artist, a musician and a designer. However, if you want to get started making games, you should start with something that plays to your strengths and doesn’t require a whole team. Sure, if you’ve got a close mate you want to work with that’s great – but don’t go on a recruitment drive. There are ways to cover for all the skills you’re lacking. That way you can start learning how to make games before you have to deal with how much of a bitch team management can be.

TIP #3 Tiny scope

When you’re starting out, try to focus on the simplest game idea you can come up with. A single idea, a single gameplay mechanic you want to play with or a single scene between a few characters. You need to be at your most humble and find the most basic idea that you can still get excited about experimenting with. Don’t try to make the next World of Warcraft or Call of Duty. You need to forget about that epic project you’ve been mulling over for years. If you’re making a high budget gambling game, think again. Concentrate on something else and users will try to beat the dealer at Paddy Power live casino online instead. Let them, you didn’t need people who would only go to high budget games anyway. I’m sure you’ve got a masterpiece brewing in your head, but trying to make that right out of the gate will be a huge disaster. Even if you finished it, which you probably wouldn’t, it would be a mess. You need to come back to that later, once you’ve got some experience and have a better idea what you’re doing.

TIP #4 They’re not all Braid

Don’t feel under pressure to make your first game into an amazingly original, clever, quirky breakthrough in video game design, or something that nobody has ever seen before. You can just pick a game genre that you love and have a go at it. Whatever you make will be infused with your own style from how you interpret that genre – and that’s enough. Agonising over the first step because of the belief that it has to be brilliant can stop you from ever making anything.

TIP #5 Ditch the design document

You don’t need a 20 page epic bible all about how your game is going to work. I believe the best approach is almost always to try and get something playable in a rough form as quickly as you possibly can. Once you can start playing your game and experimenting with how you can change it you are going to find a lot more ideas begin to flow. They’ll be better ideas than you’ll come up with staring a word processor trying to imagine in your head how the game will play.

Iterating over your game through lots of different builds where you play with ideas and find out what does and doesn’t work for you is going to teach you more about game design than any well formatted design document, any number of lectures or books you can read on the subject. In fact, let me give you the single most important lesson in game design you will ever hear:

1. There are no rules to game design!

It’s definitely worth reading up online to see what other people have to say about game design. There are a lot of forums, articles and video lectures on the topic and understanding what people have to say and why they’ve come to their opinions on the topic is helpful in understanding what’s important to you. However you shouldn’t get it into your head there are universal principles you need to follow. Even for some of the most basic design rules (games should be fun, accessible, completable or fair) I’ve always found games that break that rule and are still amazing works.

I feel the most important thing about making games is that they’re a way to express yourself to an audience. If you can learn to ignore the advice you don’t agree with and embrace what appeals to you then you’re going to be able to find your own voice and the games you make will be distinctly yours. Don’t make what other people might want or expect you to make, make something for yourself. If you fail… who cares? At least you tried to do something you wanted.

My advice is no exception to this. They say all advice is autobiographical. The stuff I’m telling you are the things I wish someone had told me back when I was getting started. It would have saved me years I threw away on dead end projects. If you want to ignore what I’ve said and go your own path then good on ya’! I wish you all the best and hope you can succeed where I failed many times.


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Best Casinos With Roulette In New Jersey Area

Are you someone who loves to play roulette? You live in the New Jersey area, but you don`t know where you can play roulette? No worries, we’ll break down a list of the list of best casinos in New Jersey area.

It`s to give advice specifically about New Jersey because the gambling laws are different from state to state. This article will help you to find a perfect casino with roulette in the New Jersey area.

So let`s begin.


1.Caesars Atlantic City

Caesars Atlantic is always a good option if you are in for a good time. They offer low minimums and high payouts. The whole complex is 145,000 square-foot that offers 145 game tables that have highest limits in the Atlantic City. You will find pretty much any game that you want to play, especially roulette tables. And the fact that they offer high payouts is just another plus for the Caesars Atlantic.



Bogata casino is huge… really really huge. It features 3,475 slots machines and more than  180 game tables. You will find a wide variety of games to play and try, especially if you are in poker. They host daily tournaments with buy-ins that are as little as $40 and pots that can be big as much as $30,000. But if you are only in for roulette then you won`t be disappointed. Borgata offers many roulette tables that will keep you glued to the tables, believe us.


3.Resorts Casino Hotel:

This casino has kicked off a whole new era for the gambling in 1978. In more recent times, Resorts Casino features more than 1,800 slots from which some are high-limit machines. But you will also find 75 table games, from which some are roulette games if you are up for little comment place to play roulette than Resorts Casino is a great place for you.


The only way to win in roulette is to play roulette games. They are fun, thrilling, exciting, and can bring you a lot of cash. So what are you waiting for? Go to the casino and play roulette!



Tropicana is the rated luckiest casino by Casino Player magazine. The casino itself features 170 tables and more that 2,600 slots machines, which is a really high number. It is also one of the biggest and best-designed casinos in whole New Jersey area, you will find pretty much any game that your heart wants to try. But, if you are here only for roulette, then you are also in luck because Tropicana is full of them.



Bally`s casino is another good place to go if you want to play roulette. Bally`s features more than 200 table games and more than 5000 slots. It is huge. You will find probably every casino game that ever existed if you visit Bally`s casino. And if you are only here to play roulette, then you won`t be disappointed because you will be able to choose from many roulette tables in Bally`s casino.

3 Super Hard to Play Classical Piano Pieces

Everyone knows what a great piano piece sounds like. There are like thousands of awesome pieces we’ve heard from famous classical pianists: Charles-Valentin Alkan, Martha Argeric, Maurice Ravel, just to name a few. These artists have been creating stunning classical pieces from the past centuries. They are such masters, they have also been creating notoriously difficult pieces that may be impossible to play for mere beginners or even experienced players. Here are three of those classical hard-to-play pieces:


Photographer tduff


3 Piano Sonata No. 1 (Rachmaninoff)

After a numerous revisions and substantial cuts made at the advice of his colleagues, Sergei Rachmaninoff completed “A Piano Sonata in D minor” on April 11, 1908. It received a lukewarm response in Moscow on October 17, 1908, where Konstantin Igumnov premiered the piece. Itremains one of the more underperformed of Rachmaninoff’s works. The piece has 3 movements and takes about 35 minutes to perform. The sonata is structured like a typical classical sonata, with fast movements surrounding a slower, more tender second movement. Although this first sonata is a substantial and comprehensive work, its successor, Piano Sonata No. 2 (Op. 36), written only five years later, became the better-regarded and more enduring work.


Photographer celesteh

Transcendental Étude No. 5 (Liszt)

Franz Liszt, the composer of the Feux follets piece has went through three versions: The first is Étude en douze exercises from 1826, second is Douze études d’execution transcendentale from 1838, and the last one is the 1851 revision of the 1838 set. The difficult piece is the last version from 1851, and it is also the on that is most performed.It is a trimmed down and refined edit of the 1838 version. Its rapid double-note passages in the right hand accompanied by wide broken intervals in the left that are notoriously difficult to play.

Photographer Joe Shlabotnik

Gaspard de la nuit

And probably, one of the most hard-to-play classical piano piece is Maurice Ravel’s Gaspard de la nuit. The piece was written in 1908, with three movements that are based from a poem of Aloysius Bertrand. Why it became number one on this list? Simply because the piece became famous due to its movement, technical and profound musical structure.

Many of these classical pieces are played by masters on expensive pianos that are top of the line. Playing classical pieces sound best when performing on Grand Pianos and players are often only as good as the pianos they use to play so often players will rely on piano rental rather than purchasing their own significantly expensive pianos. Leave your favorite hard-to-play piano piece in the comments.

Top 5 Online Games

Whether it be getting some downtime at work or relaxing in the evenings online gaming is one of the best ways to take time out from the stresses of daily life. I am a fan of several different ways of gaming online and gambling my money, with the following five games my favorite ways of turning my mind off after a long day.


One of, if not, the most popular way for people to relax in an online gaming sense is by playing a game of Texas Hold’em. This form of poker was created in the early 1900s, was popularized during the mid 1960s by a group of gamblers and card players, including Doyle Brunson and Amarillo Slim, and exploded into the public consciousness with the invention of the internet.

From humble beginnings playing poker can now win you massive amounts of cash from the comfort of your own home with the sites with the biggest player pools offering tournaments with guaranteed prize in the millions of dollars. The best part about it is many, if not all, of these sites will allow you to work your way into these big tournaments by winning your way from smaller, and often free entry, tournaments.


Famous for being played by your grandmother in a smoky community hall back in your youth, bingo has its roots as far back as Italy in the 1500s. However, the game that we know and love comes from a more modern time with the 75 ball, or US version, game came about in the late 1920s, while the 90 ball, the game more popular in the UK and Ireland, became popular in the 1960s after the British Government passed the Gambling Act.

Bingo has had a recent explosion in a similar vein to poker as a result of the internet and you can now make big money while taking it easy in your sitting room. This change has seen the target demographic of the game change from your grandmother and friends to a more youthful age range, and with it has brought more games and bigger cash prizes.


Blackjack, or 21 as it is also known, is the most widely played casino banking game in the world. This is due to its simplicity as all you have to do is get twenty-one from your two cards to win 2.5x your cash!

Blackjack sees you pitted against the dealer who deals you both two cards, both of yours are dealt face up while just one of the dealers cards are face up, and you compete to reach 21. There are two further ways of winning on top of hitting a blackjack in finishing with a higher number than the dealer or by the dealer exceeding 21 on his cards and going bust.

As stated, the game itself is very simple to play and with so many ways to win, this has allowed the game to become so wide spread and popular. We only foresee blackjack going on to bigger and better things too!

Mega Moolah Jackpot Slots

These online slot games have one of, if not, the biggest payout jackpots on the internet in history and with so many slot games at various different sites it has never been easier to turn yourself into a multi-millionaire!

The top online slot game connected to the Mega Moolah jackpot is The Dark Knight based on the 2009 Christopher Nolan film of the same name, and this is the online game that has seen the biggest payout in the history of the Mega Moolah Jackpot. Lincolnshire resident John O. turned a 30p spin into a win of more than £5.8m.

These games also boast the world record mobile payout of more than £3.7m when it was claimed in September 2013 by another UK resident. Will you be the next player to win a life changing amount of money on the Mega Moolah Jackpot online slot games?

Street Fighter II Champion Edition

While it may be last on our list, Street Fighter II is certainly further up in our favorite online games of all time! Unlike our other favorite games this can’t be played to win money in a gambling sense, unless of course you’ve got some friends around for a few beers and are wagering amongst yourselves, but this game transports us back to the early 90’s when a week’s worth of pocket money earned from doing chores around the house were shoveled into machines in the local games arcade.

Transport yourself back to a simpler time by searching for Street Fighter II Champion Edition in Google and battling your way through the levels!

The Top Four Most Interesting (and Expensive) Pianos in the world

Are you interested in learning about the world’s most interesting and expensive pianos? This list will give you just that. Let’s jump right in.

4. John Lennon’s Model Z

John Lennon’s Steinway Model Z

The Model Z piano was originally bought by The Beatles member, John Lennon, in December 1970. He composed and recorded one of his immortal classic “Imagine” and was filmed playing the song on it for the very first time for his wife. Though it was not as artistic-looking as some of the other pianos on this list, and for the fact that it was fairly ordinary (because it was actually made out of ordinary walnut); it still attained the stardom through Lennon’s popularity. The piano got some cigarette burns due to the singer’s smoking habit but that possibly only adds to the value. It was believed that this piano symbolized to be a piece of art in British History. The piano was then sold at an auction in the year 2000 for $ 2.1 Million by British Superstar George Michael.
But then as George finish using this precious piano to complete his album, he then came up to a thought of returning Lennon’s piano. Presently, Model Z piano can be seen at Liverpool Museum and displayed to public. As George Michael says, “the piano was not the type of thing that should be in storage somewhere or being protected, it should be seen by people.” Now the piano serves to be a historical landmark in the whole world.

3. Marilyn Monroe´s Piano

This piano originally belonged to Marilyn’s mother and maybe that’s why she had an impressive sentimental attachment to this instrument, her feelings were even expressed in a book published by the artist. The last owner of the piano was Mariah Carey, the singer bought it for a price of $662,500 USD, yes, and that’s a big price for a piano. Actually the estimated price of that piano is approximately $10,000 USD, but since one of the most famous movie stars, Marilyn Monroe, was the owner, the piano’s value increased tremendously.

2. Alma-Tadema Piano


Alma-Tadema Steinway

This piano is really expensive, its value is approximately 1.2 million USD, that price was given mainly because of its fine art decorations, elaborated by the famous artist Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema (now we know why its name). The Alma-Tadema is also very interesting because it has been named as the most artistic piano ever produced a total work of art. Incredibly, almost a century later a Steinway Piano Dealer Los Angeles completed an exacting re-creation of the original piano, being the most expensive and elaborated project they realize. The re-creation tried to represent identical features, due to it was made with a historical significance, recreating every aspect of the original piano as closely as possible. The re-created version is valuated to half price, $675,000 USD.

1. Heintzman Crystal Piano


Heintzman Piano

This is the most expensive and particular piano in the entire world, it’s made totally of crystal with futuristic features. This incredible piano was purchased by an anonymous buyer for 3.2 million USD. This crystal piano’s debut was in 2008 during the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Beijing. The piano was played at the Opening Ceremony of the said Olympics by renowned Chinese pianist Lang Lang, with a classical piece “Starlight”

Things You Didn’t Know People Do in Las Vegas [Infographic]

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Things you didn't know people do in Las Vegas

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