Top 5 Online Games

Whether it be getting some downtime at work or relaxing in the evenings online gaming is one of the best ways to take time out from the stresses of daily life. I am a fan of several different ways of gaming online and gambling my money, with the following five games my favorite ways of turning my mind off after a long day.


One of, if not, the most popular way for people to relax in an online gaming sense is by playing a game of Texas Hold’em. This form of poker was created in the early 1900s, was popularized during the mid 1960s by a group of gamblers and card players, including Doyle Brunson and Amarillo Slim, and exploded into the public consciousness with the invention of the internet.

From humble beginnings playing poker can now win you massive amounts of cash from the comfort of your own home with the sites with the biggest player pools offering tournaments with guaranteed prize in the millions of dollars. The best part about it is many, if not all, of these sites will allow you to work your way into these big tournaments by winning your way from smaller, and often free entry, tournaments.


Famous for being played by your grandmother in a smoky community hall back in your youth, bingo has its roots as far back as Italy in the 1500s. However, the game that we know and love comes from a more modern time with the 75 ball, or US version, game came about in the late 1920s, while the 90 ball, the game more popular in the UK and Ireland, became popular in the 1960s after the British Government passed the Gambling Act.

Bingo has had a recent explosion in a similar vein to poker as a result of the internet and you can now make big money while taking it easy in your sitting room. This change has seen the target demographic of the game change from your grandmother and friends to a more youthful age range, and with it has brought more games and bigger cash prizes.


Blackjack, or 21 as it is also known, is the most widely played casino banking game in the world. This is due to its simplicity as all you have to do is get twenty-one from your two cards to win 2.5x your cash!

Blackjack sees you pitted against the dealer who deals you both two cards, both of yours are dealt face up while just one of the dealers cards are face up, and you compete to reach 21. There are two further ways of winning on top of hitting a blackjack in finishing with a higher number than the dealer or by the dealer exceeding 21 on his cards and going bust.

As stated, the game itself is very simple to play and with so many ways to win, this has allowed the game to become so wide spread and popular. We only foresee blackjack going on to bigger and better things too!

Mega Moolah Jackpot Slots

These online slot games have one of, if not, the biggest payout jackpots on the internet in history and with so many slot games at various different sites it has never been easier to turn yourself into a multi-millionaire!

The top online slot game connected to the Mega Moolah jackpot is The Dark Knight based on the 2009 Christopher Nolan film of the same name, and this is the online game that has seen the biggest payout in the history of the Mega Moolah Jackpot. Lincolnshire resident John O. turned a 30p spin into a win of more than £5.8m.

These games also boast the world record mobile payout of more than £3.7m when it was claimed in September 2013 by another UK resident. Will you be the next player to win a life changing amount of money on the Mega Moolah Jackpot online slot games?

Street Fighter II Champion Edition

While it may be last on our list, Street Fighter II is certainly further up in our favorite online games of all time! Unlike our other favorite games this can’t be played to win money in a gambling sense, unless of course you’ve got some friends around for a few beers and are wagering amongst yourselves, but this game transports us back to the early 90’s when a week’s worth of pocket money earned from doing chores around the house were shoveled into machines in the local games arcade.

Transport yourself back to a simpler time by searching for Street Fighter II Champion Edition in Google and battling your way through the levels!

Soul Search – Flash Game

Soul Search – Flash Game
Use the mouse to guide your soul through mazes and puzzles

Fantastic Treasures – Flash Game

Fantastic Treasures – Flash Game
Collect treasures in the deep sea and bring them to your mother ship. Refuel or repair your submarine and buy upgrades at the base.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron – Flash Game

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron – Flash Game
A tribute game to Factor 5’s Star Wars Rogue Squadron series. Three aerial missions based on the big battles in Episodes 4, 5 and 6. The core gameplay may be a simple on-rails shooter, but depth and attention to detail.

SuperTank – Flash Game

SuperTank – Flash Game
Some of the game design makes it feel impossible to beat in some places. There’s nothing the player can do to dodge the bullets in some areas.

Synapsis – Flash Game

Synapsis – Flash Game
Enter the mind of David Carter, is he dead, in a coma or simply slightly mad, or is there something more sinister involved. Part 1 of the adventure.

Tevlon 3D – Flash Game

Tevlon 3D – Flash Game
3D shooter made in AS3 and papervision3d.His 3D engine provides stunning visuals. The missions get repetitive after a while.

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