The Future Of The AAA Gaming Industry And What To Expect

Posted on October 26, 2018 

While AAA gaming has never been more popular, it’s also true that there has never been a more tumultuous time for the industry, apart from the crash of 1983 that saw the industry almost comes to a complete halt.

But with constantly rising costs, a more splintered player-base, and more and more indie studios taking the spotlight, will AAA developers and publishers start seeing their empires coming to an end?

It’s a difficult question to answer, especially when taking the industry as a whole. While one portion relies almost solely on physical sales, the other side is seeing more players turning to all-digital markets like Steam and Good Old Games, the best we can do right now is speculate what may happen in coming years.

1. The Cost of Creation

Video games have never cost more to develop, market, and produce, and we’ve seen more than a few companies over the few years filing for bankruptcy over the rising costs.

The average AAA title is now speculated to cost publishers up to $100 million to create, and the pushing of such mechanics as microtransactions points to the fact that this trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

2. Turning All-Digital

The age of physical media may soon start to see its end, as more media and entertainment outlets begin offering their services and products in digital form only. Such as would be found with something like the games available at

Steam was the first real platform to prove that physical media was not a necessity to enjoy video games, and it’s quickly become the world’s most popular gaming platform. The cost of creating physical copies is also starting to take its toll, especially in a world where there is a large call for the lowering of waste.

3. Game Streaming

Along with the change over to all digital, many publishers are turning more of their attention to live streaming, which has become immensely popular since the creation of streaming services like Twitch. Some, like CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, have openly spoken about their future plans, and how they intend to make streaming a much more important aspect of their games in the future.

Talking to reporters, Guillemot has explained that linking multiple devices together, such as computers, smart phones, and tablets, allows for a much more practical relationship with games which are streamed on the go. He also explains that the ultimate goal is to have a single game that is playable across as many platforms as possible, and that said game could be easily switched from device to device, which would be powered by their streaming-centric data servers.

The implications of this kind of gaming aren’t quite apparent yet, as the gamer would need stable, fast internet, and devices that were capable of streaming without interruption.

But as fibre and LTE continues to grow in popularity around the world, and as more and more ISPs offer faster Internet speeds, it may just be the gaming of the future for AAA companies.


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