A Woman’s Walk Reveals Her Orgasms

Posted on September 22, 2010 

A Woman’s Walk Reveals Her Orgasms

Ladies, what if I told you that the way you walk reveals a lot more about your sex lives than you might have thought? Don’t worry, there’s no need to feel uptight about it. Let me explain…

A study conducted by Dr. Stuart Brody, at the University of West Scotland found a relationship between the fluidity with which a woman walks and her ability to have vaginal orgasms. They discovered that women with a more fluid stride were reported to experience orgasms more readily than women with locked and rigid pelvises. None of the researchers were provided with their subjects’ sexual history. Yet, 80 % of the time, they were able to correctly predict whether the women were orgasmic, simply by watching a video of them walking at a distance. According to Dr. Brody, “Blocked pelvic muscles, which might be associated with psychosexual impairments, could both impair vaginal orgasmic response and gait.” On the other hand, unblocked energy around the pelvic area, resulting in more walking fluidity, was associated with greater ability to have orgasms.


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