How We’ll Be Forced To Drive the Most Fuel Efficient Cars

Posted on June 14, 2009 

How We’ll Be Forced To Drive the Most Fuel Efficient Cars

With the recent developments in the auto industry and Federal government, it is clear the current administration would like to see Detroit automakers pursue building more fuel efficient vehicles. In fact, they are mandated to do so by Congress, and it is going to happen sooner, rather than later. CAFE standards are set to increase to 35mpg by 2020. In addition, the 35mpg fuel economy standard will apply not only to cars, but to light trucks as well. Light trucks are currently exempt from the car standard, having to meet a lower fuel economy number. Cars must actually meet a CAFE standard of 37.5mpg by 2015, only 5 model years hence. That is a rather large jump that Detroit is mandated to meet in the coming half decade. The problem for automakers is that many Americans either don’t want to or can’t drive small, fuel efficient vehicles, unless they have no other choice.

Since the Federal government is now in an unprecedented position to control the kind of vehicles rolling off the assembly lines, and they have made it abundantly clear that they feel the future is in smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles, that means one thing. You are going to see smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles being produced buy U.S. automakers in the near future, and larger, more powerful, and safer vehicles (that Americans would really rather be driving) will gradually be phased out or dramatically reduced in availability.


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