Why lossless formats will destroy MP3

Posted on July 26, 2008 

Why lossless formats will destroy MP3

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness the beginning of the end of MP3 domination as we know it. Yes, it was surprising to me, too… at last count, I had 3,763 songs in the MP3 format across my MP3 players, iPod and computers. But, alas, the end is near. As new technologies emerge and storage capacities become larger and more affordable, the writing is on the wall for compressed audio. More on our better-sounding future after the Continue jump.

When a 256MB MP3 player was state of the art, MP3 made sense. You needed to get music files compressed small enough to be able to get a reasonable variety on a player — enough to offer more than a standard CD. But as we move into the terabyte era and Blu-ray discs start to feature lossless audio formats, why compress the crap out of your music? Don’t you want the very best for your audio files? Doesn’t your music deserve the very best?


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