Why Are So Many Fighting For Food?

Posted on April 24, 2008 

Why Are So Many Fighting For Food?

Haitians are in want of food

Food prices are rising around the world. In an interview with ABC News, Gregory Barrow, senior public affairs officer at the World Food Program (WFP), said that “the WFP has identified a number of countries that have been badly affected, and we have identified a type of country that’s most likely to suffer from rising food prices.”

“”The kind of country to be worst-affected is a country which depends on importing its food to meet its people’s needs, it is likely to have witnessed dramatic inflation recently, and where individuals typically spend a significant portion of their income, i.e. 50 percent or more, on food.”

The poorest country in the Americas, Haiti has seen some of the worst food-related riots in recent months, with protestors taking to the streets, burning tires and looting shops. As the vast majority of Haiti’s population struggles to get by on less than $2 a day, the rising prices of staple food items like rice and beans have left many Haitians angry with the government for not reducing taxes on foodstuffs.


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