The buildings that taste forgot

Posted on April 20, 2008 

The buildings that taste forgot

pictures of tastelessly designed buildings

Has Norman Foster made some devilish pact with a Russian Mephistopheles? If so, it would explain some of his recent behaviour. It might have gone something like this: so, Norman, you design a series of increasingly out-there buildings in my country and I’ll give you loads of money.

First we had the Russia Tower and “Crystal Island”, both of which seemed plucked from some oligarch’s Swarovski-sprinkled imagination. Then there was Khanty Mansiysk, the “crystalline landmark” that looks like it could have been commissioned by Ming the Merciless.

And now, the designs for Project Orange have been released. The complex, just north of Gorky Park, central Moscow, will contain an art gallery, shops and apartments. But this building, with its segments appearing to fall out from the centre like pieces of a freshly thumped chocolate orange, is noteworthy as more than just the latest evidence of Foster and Partners having lost touch with reality.


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