Serial rabbit killer uses Google maps to find victims

Posted on July 15, 2008 

Serial rabbit killer uses Google maps to find victims

(you have to admit, even though the killings are horrifying, the end of this video is adorable)…

The roll call of victims is growing longer by the day. They have names like Rocco, Fussel, Marianne and Fluffy — and a five-man police unit has a file on each and every one. The so-called “bunny murders” — 40 domestic rabbits killed at night in their hutches, heads and sometimes paws sliced off, their bodies drained of blood — is stunning communities across western Germany.

“Nobody knows where the killer will strike next,” said Inspector Volker Schütte. One theory is that a group of Satanists is behind the wave of killings, because there is an almost ritualistic pattern. Amputated paws have been placed on doorsteps; the blood may have been drained into phials for use in an initiation ceremony.

So far, inquiries in Satanist and cultist groups have turned up little — but a child’s coffin and a red velvet cloth were found recently near the scene of the rabbit killings. The coffin was empty but there was rabbit hair on the cloth.


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