Old people Facebook disasters

Posted on October 18, 2008 

Old people Facebook disasters

The day that Kim Bowen accidentally sent a video of a woman shitting in a hot tub to 200 of her co-workers was the day she knew her relationship with Facebook would never be the same.

“It was horrible,” says Bowen, a 30-something filmmaker, in the tremulous tones of a former bank hostage. “I’m a pretty wild person. I like a laugh. But not like that.”

What happened was this: A friend (now former) posted a video on Bowen’s Facebook wall. It depicts a bikini-clad woman sliding into a hot tub occupied by two other women and a man. Seconds later, she is overcome by a gastrointestinal issue that sends her tub mates scrambling for refuge. (The video, which originally appeared on the purported humor site ebaumsworld.com and today persists on YouTube, has been largely debunked as fake.)


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