Exploiting People, Stereotypes Is Not Exactly Sexy

Posted on January 4, 2008 

Exploiting People, Stereotypes Is Not Exactly Sexy

We received an email from our friend Latoya at Racialicious about the Japanese porn company Natural High’s new Naked Continent series (NSFW) that left us speechless. Not because they’ve somehow managed to come up with new sex acts or something, but because the series is billed as “Charity Porn” (NSFW) — and not because the performers have sex with men that have resorted to Real Dolls.

No, the Natural High performers have sex with impoverished local Africans on film. The director gave about $11,000 to a Kenyan charity, distributed some corn and free T-shirts to the locals in the area and then — reportedly — gathered up a few local men to have sex on tape with their performers in scenes that totally don’t rely on stereotypes at all, as you can see. For every DVD they sell, the company plans to give another $10 to the same charity. This is, even in Kenya, not a lot of money, especially given that it’s distributed to a charity that likely has some overhead.


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