Confessions of a Bionic Man

Posted on April 22, 2008 

Confessions of a Bionic Man

My life has changed even more than most: I have information technology inside my body. I’m deaf, having had rubella (German measles) before I was born. Fortunately, the damage wasn’t complete, so I was able to get by with hearing aids until 2001. Then my “good” ear abruptly quit working, for reasons that are still unknown. My hearing aids couldn’t help me anymore, just as glasses can’t help a blind person.

Now I have a cochlear implant in each ear. At first glance, they look like behind-the-ear hearing aids — but the technology is totally different. They digitize sound and broadcast the data through quarter-size radio transmitters. The transmitters are stuck to my head, behind my ears, using magnets…

My implants don’t aid my hearing. They create my hearing.


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