Woman gives boss her kidney

Posted on June 30, 2007 

Woman gives boss her kidney

A Tyneside woman has saved the life of her boss by donating a kidney.

Angela Dawson, 44, put herself forward after tests had ruled out Alma Caldwell’s mother and sister.

Mrs Caldwell was diagnosed with polycystic kidneys four years ago and put on dialysis, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Doctors had warned her that there was only a 30% chance a non-relative would be a match. However, the transplant was successful.

Mrs Caldwell, who is chief executive of North Tyneside Age Concern, is making an excellent recovery.

“She has given me the gift of life. All I can say is she is Angela by name and Angel by nature,” the 49-year-old from Whitley Bay said.

Mrs Dawson, who lives with her husband Malcolm and daughter Amanda in Wallsend, is her second in command at Age Concern.

“I’ve watched her go through so much over the 12 years I’ve known her and just wanted to be able to do something,” she said.

Mrs Caldwell, who has also survived a brain aneurysm, added: “Thanks to Angela I have a quality of life I could never have anticipated.”

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