Twins solve DNA mystery

Posted on April 19, 2007 

Twins solve DNA mystery

Police were baffled in China after DNA evidence suggested the same man was behind two crimes at the same time.

Detectives in Shuangcheng city, Heilongjiang Province, received reports of two cases of break-in and rape, reports Haerbin Daily.

Chief detective Zhao Xiaoliang said: “We were totally confused when the DNA test results showed the criminals were the same person.

“How could one person commit the same crime in two different locations at the same time?”

The Heilongjiang police bureau reported the case to China’s Ministry of Public Security, where experts offered a possible solution – identical twins.

Police then arrested Fan Yehe in connection with a separate rape, and learned he had a twin. The brothers confessed to both crimes.

Identical twins, formed when one fertilised egg splits, are the only people in the world with identical DNA. Twins from two eggs share only about 50% of their genes.

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