The Bride Buyers

Posted on September 16, 2007 

The Bride Buyers

A controversial Web site purporting to be a place for families to sell their teenage daughters as brides is revealed to be bogus. Wait till you see what the would-be grooms wrote in—and what states actually allow.

Makayla S. is also 15, a traditional girl, a homebody who “cooks like a chef and decorates like Martha Stewart.” She has a cheerful, upbeat outlook on life and spends a lot of time laughing. Her bride price? $24,995.

Before you get too upset, stop: isn’t real—it’s a hoax. Nonetheless, the site—which claims to be a matching service for followers of “the Biblical tradition” of arranged marriages—has managed to fool a whole lot of people. With profiles of young girls, outrageous testimonials and solicitations for proposals (as well as a sign-up page to have your own daughter listed) has received 60 million hits since it launched last week—and, believe it or not, on top of angry letters, thousands of proposals.


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