Salesman’s hard time

Posted on May 10, 2007 

Salesman’s hard time

Salesman Richard Carter fears he’s facing the sack after struggling with a seven-year erection.

Richard, 34, developed the rare condition priapism after taking panic attack medication.

It left his manhood almost constantly stiff and he needed eight hospital operations to reduce it, reports The Sun.

Richard’s bulge also left him in agony as he drove vans selling fire extinguishers for Chubbs.

He was forced to take so much time off that bosses have told him they may need to “reassess” whether he can still work for them as an on-the-road salesman.

Richard, from Holbrooks, Coventry, claims he’s been threatened with redundancy and offered a pay-off of just ten weeks’ wages – despite ten years service.

He said: “Some may think it’s good to have an erection for that long, but I was often in terrible pain. I had to wear knee-length coats in summer to hide it, yet people at work thought it was a joke.”

The condition has now improved and Richard won a 2003 bravery award for using his extinguishers on a blazing car.

He said: “I was told the op may make me impotent, but I had to risk it to avoid any more pain.”

Chubbs last night said they might find Richard an alternative job. A spokesman said: “We sympathise with him. His position is under review.”

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