Raise a Glass to the Father of Energy Drinks

Posted on December 3, 2007 

Raise a Glass to the Father of Energy Drinks

It was never about winning or losing with Dr. J. Robert Cade. From our first telephone conversation 41 years ago, it was always about helping others and solving problems, like the dozens of young football players across the country who were dehydrating and having strokes during practices and games.

Concerned about training misinformation, Cade and his researchers at the University of Florida collected the sweat of freshman football players in rubber gloves during practice in the fall of 1965 and found something startling: each one lost 2.5 to 4.2 liters, or as much as 9 pounds, each session.

But when 26 gallons of Gatorade were mysteriously stolen from a truck on the way to Jacksonville from Gainesville several days before the Florida-Georgia game that year, Florida players went without Gatorade on game day. Leading by 10-3 at halftime, Florida was beaten decisively, 27-10.


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