Psychic museum closes unexpectedly

Posted on March 17, 2007 

Psychic museum closes unexpectedly

A psychic museum is closing its doors – due to unforeseen circumstances.

Astrologer Jonathan Cainer set up the York Psychic Museum in 2003 but business has been less than expected.

Mr Cainer told the York Press he had handed over the lease, with the intention of making a return in 2008.

He said: “If you are asking me for predictions when exactly it will open up again, then it is hard to say.

“Although I’m in the prediction business, I don’t believe you can make predictions about things you are close to.”

Mr Cainer said the museum was only seeing 100 people a week through its doors during peak times and, when he reopens, he would like to see that figure at around 100 a day.

Mr Crainer said he had reluctantly concluded the museum would never meet his expectations until he could dedicate more of his own time and energy to it.

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