Pensioner sues over sex marathon

Posted on June 1, 2007 

Pensioner sues over sex marathon

A retired Polish teacher is suing the organisers of a world record sex session after they forgot to pixelate his face.

Leszek Szwerowski, 61, was spotted standing in line to take part in the contest organised as part of the World Sex Championships in 2003.

The contest involved three young women having sex with as many men as they could over the course of several hours.

But Szwerowski, from Warsaw, said the company behind the event, Pink-Press, reneged on promises to keep his identity secret and hide his face on film.

He said he was left embarrassed when his young nephew saw him on a later DVD of the event and told the rest of his family.

He said: “I was told that the faces of the participants would be blurred on the computer on which the film was saved. But this was not the case.”

Szwerowski is demanding £2,500 in damages.

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