Officials paint mountain green

Posted on April 2, 2007 

Officials paint mountain green

Local government officials in China have been criticised for spraypainting a barren mountain face green.

Officials paint mountain green

Laoshou mountain, near Fumin in Yunnan province, was left an eyesore by quarrying.

But instead, of re-foresting the mountainside, forestry officials hired seven workers for 45 days to spraypaint it green.

Nearby villagers have been driven from their homes by the strong smell of paint, reports City Times.

They claim the workers told them the work was being done to improve the view from a newly-built government building.

Local businessman Huang said: “At first I was glad to see the green mountain, thinking the government was paying more attention to the environment.

“But then I noticed the great contrast with the surrounding mountains.”

Another villager complained: “We thought the workers were here to spray pesticides before planting saplings. But it turned out to be green paint.”

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