Lotto winner goes back to old job

Posted on July 20, 2007 

Lotto winner goes back to old job

A lottery winner has spent his £2.8million fortune and gone back to the job he quit when he won the jackpot 12 years ago.

Michael Antonucci, 58, became one of Britain’s first lotto winners after borrowing a tenner from his mum to buy tickets.

He spent the cash on a boat, a nightclub, luxury properties, dabbling in different businesses and a 12 week marriage to a topless model.

But now Michael’s back at his old trade – buying junk furniture and exporting it to the United States from a lock-up in Plymouth, reports the Daily MIrror.

He said: “It was an experience I would never have had if I had not won the lottery.

“You don’t want to die as the richest man in the graveyard, do you. You have to spend some and enjoy it.”

He still owns a £300,000 waterfront apartment in Plymouth. Michael said: “I am stock rich and cash poor. But as long as I’ve got my health and a good bottle of wine I am all right.

“If I had kept everything I bought it would be worth £8 or 9million now but I’m OK with what I’ve got. It did not feel to me as if I was living a millionaire lifestyle but I did a few things when I had a bit of money like holidays and all that.”

He spent £750,000 on a former convent, £300,000 opening a furniture store which failed, £40,000 on launching a pop band, and also tried running a pub and a massage parlour.

His wedding to glamour girl Kelly Arkins, 22, on a beach in the Bahamas, cost £10,000.

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