Gran, 92, jumps in lake to save boy

Posted on May 30, 2007 

Gran, 92, jumps in lake to save boy

A 92-year-old grandmother jumped into a fishing lake in China to save a four-year-old boy.

Lu Bohua, who is 5ft 1ins tall, jumped into the 6ft deep lake, near Xuzhou city, without a second thought when she heard the boy crying.

“I was going home after visiting a neighbour, and heard a kid crying,” she told the Yangtse Evening Post.

Seeing no one else around, Lu jumped into the lake, grabbed the little boy and held his head above water but the banks were too steep for her to get out again.

“The kid was so scared, and I could feel him shivering,” she said. “I felt myself gradually losing strength, so I shouted out for help.”

Villagers heard the cry and ran for the lake, and were surprised to see the pensioner holding the child while shouting for help.

Villagers praised Lu’s courage, although her son, 71-year-old Zhang Sicun, said she should not have jumped in the lake at her age.

“She should have asked for help from others in the first place. That was too risky for her,” he said.

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