Duo’s terminal boredom

Posted on May 6, 2007 

Duo’s terminal boredom

Two Bangladeshi men lived in an airport for 48 days because they did not have passports.

The men were forced to stay at New Delhi airport after being sent back by Saudi Arabian officals because they didn’t have the right papers.

It echoed 2004 movie The Terminal in which Tom Hanks plays an East European stuck in New York’s JFK airport terminal.

Saudi Arabian authorities kept their passports and issued them with emergency travel certificates but they were then unable to re-enter India, reports ITN News.

“They got so bored here that they would often request the eatery staff to give them some work, not to earn money but to pass time,” an airport official said.

Air India spent about £1,260 to feed them and pay for their visits to hospitals for medical check-ups under police escort before the Bangladesh mission issued new passports last week and ended their ordeal.

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