Dogs suffer stress and burn-out

Posted on June 26, 2007 

Dogs suffer stress and burn-out

Swiss vets claim more and more dogs are suffering from stress and burn-out caused by demanding owners.

Linda Hornisberger from the Bern Animal Clinic said: “Dogs are suffering increasingly from tension, stomach aches and headaches caused by stress.

“There are a number of factors behind it but in most cases stressed or demanding owners are to blame.

“It can also be because so many dogs live in such a small space in cities. They are kept on a lead, unable to run free, and there are too many other dogs around that also causes them stress.”

Andreas Loehrer, from the Interlaken Animal Clinic who has also researched stress in dogs, said: “In some cases an owner’s burnout syndrome can even be transferred to the dog.”

Hornisberger added that the burnout showed itself in dogs in much the same way as it did in humans.

She said: “They often lick themselves until they wear a patch in their fur. Their behaviour is similar to humans biting their fingernails.”

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