‘Couple’ lives in glass house for a month

Posted on May 16, 2007 

‘Couple’ lives in glass house for a month

'Couple' lives in glass house for a month

A man and a woman in China are living in a glass house for a month in a work of performance art.

Ye Fu, a well-known performance artist in Beijing, recruited fellow occupant Hairong Tiantian over the internet.

“She and I are to live like a couple in this glass house for one month without going out,” he said.

“I’m trying to express my views on the relations of couples in modern society, which seem transparent, but are blocked or separated by an unseen wall.”

The house, at Beijing’s 798 Factory modern art gallery, is an all glass 12-square-metre two-room cell which allows visitors to see everything the ‘couple’ do.

It is divided into two cells by a glass wall, the “husband” and “wife” each occupying a room without communicating.

Organiser Mr Huang added: “The doors have been sealed. At the corner of each cell, there is a small hole, which allows them to receive supplies, like water and food, from the outside.”

The toilet in each room is a corner surrounded by a pink curtain, and all the waste is to be collected in plastic bags and sent out through the holes.

“If they need to have a shower, we’ll put a hose through the hole,” says Mr Huang.

According to China News Network, the “couple” are keeping diaries and hope to publish a book on their experience.

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