Church says marry on the cheap

Posted on March 25, 2007 

Church says marry on the cheap

The Church is advising couples to get married on the cheap in second-hand clothes and have a DIY reception.

A new Church of England guide advises couples to shun the “spend, spend, spend culture” and “embrace a more simplistic approach”.

The average bill for a wedding in the UK has now reached £17,000, with the bride’s dress alone costing £826.

Guide author Rev Andrew Body, a former Relate counsellor, says brides should travel to their wedding by taxi wearing a second-hand dress from a charity shop.

He also suggests asking guests to take their own booze to the reception.

The Bishop of Hereford Rt Rev Anthony Priddis praised its advice, saying: “Marriage is absolutely fundamental to our human life and, therefore, to society’s health. Couples need help and encouragement to walk this path.”

Making the Most of Weddings, on sale now for £6.99, also highlights how newlyweds can cut the environmental costs by opting for organic and fair trade food at their reception knees-up.

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