Bridesmaids for hire

Posted on July 21, 2007 

Bridesmaids for hire

A Chinese girl is to launch her own company, hiring out professional bridesmaids for weddings.

Xu Lisha, a student at the Tianjin Institute of Professional Technology, is recruiting staff from universities.

In an online ad, she says she’s looking for: “University students are a must. Slim, generous looking, who deal with wedding incidents with wisdom and quick reactions.”

Xu told the Daily News: “I feel students are more pure and have good courtesies. More importantly, they need the money.”

She has hired herself out as a bridesmaid three times already and says she came up with the idea after seeing there is good market demand.

“As positions like wedding host, cameraperson and make-up artist have been professionalised, the same goes for bridesmaids. Future couples would love to hire professional bridesmaids. This is going to be the trend.”

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