Boy runs away from homework

Posted on March 29, 2007 

Boy runs away from homework

A 10-year-old boy stowed away on a train and ran away from home in China – because he had too much homework.

Xu Zhiqiang, 10, from Cili town, Hunan province, ended up thousands of miles away from home, reports Information Times.

He said he could not cope with the amount of homework he was expected to complete during the one month winter holiday.

Xu said: “Each of us has to finish two thick books of homework. Take the mathematics homework as an example, it has 100 pages with all kinds of questions.”

To make matters worse, Xu’s mom found a mistake on one question and punished him by getting him to correct the mistake and copy the right answer 100 times.

After copying it 50 times, an exhhausted Xu ran out of his home and hopped onto a train.

“I stayed under the seat a day and a night during which I transferred trains as all people did and finally I didn’t know where I had come to,” he said.

Xu had reached Guangzhou station, thousands of miles from home, where a station policeman found him the next day.

He could not remember his telephone number – or even his full address – but eventually the policeman managed to contact his worried parents.

The boy’s father, Xu Yueping, said: “We were going desperate. The whole town was out looking for him. Now we finally can breathe normally.”

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