1,300-yr-old Korean Buddha unearthed

Posted on September 12, 2007 

1,300-yr-old Korean Buddha unearthed

After months of excavation, a 1,300-year-old giant stone statue of Buddha revealed its perfectly preserved face yesterday in a mountainous area of Gyeongju, the capital city of Korea’s ancient Silla Kingdom.

The 5.6-metre (18-feet) tall sculpture was discovered, face down and buried in the ground. Archaeologists worried that the face had been destroyed when the 70-ton statue fell over hundreds of years ago. However, after careful excavation, specialists found that the Buddha’s nose missed a rock bed by only 5 centimetres (2 inches), likely saving it.

“It was miracle that the Buddha’s face was saved by only five centimetres,” Venerable Jigwan, administrative head of the Jogye Order said.


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