£5,000 – to mow the roof

Posted on January 27, 2007 

£5,000 – to mow the roof

Bosses of an acclaimed new government building with a grass roof were shocked to find it will cost £5,000 to have it cut.

The £13million Scottish Natural Heritage HQ, praised for its eco-friendly credentials, includes a roof garden, reports then Daily Record.

But health and safety regulations mean scaffolding and other safety measures must be installed when people are working above ground.

It’s believed one scaffolding firm tendered an estimate in the region of £5000.

It raises questions about the cost implications of the green credentials of Great Glen House in Inverness, opened last month by First Minister Jack McConnell.

Local councillor Jimmy MacDonald said: “It seems the extra costs to cut the grass will make this building not as eco-friendly as first believed.”

An SNH spokesman said: “The roof was chosen due to its low-maintenance regime, which is why it is so popular for green roof projects.”

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