Woman find love through Xbox

Posted on June 1, 2006 

Woman find love through Xbox

A couple are planning to marry after they “met” while playing their Xbox’s 4,300 miles apart.

Claire Wilcox played Xbox golf with American Shane Nelson after he joined her virtual game online.

They chatted for hours after the contest and they began a cyber-romance. One month later, Shane proposed.

Mum-of-two Claire said: “Shane asked to play. He was quiet to start with until I remember saying to one of my friends, ‘I just want somebody to romance me’.

“Shane cut in with his deep Southern drawl, and he said, ‘Down girl. Where do you live?'”

Learning support assistant Claire, from Cardiff, and Shane, 30, from Missouri, now talk every day through their headsets.

Claire accepted Shane’s proposal after visiting him.

They will wed in Cardiff in July, and plan to set up home in the US.

Mechanic Shane said: “I’m so lucky to have found a girl like Claire.”

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