Visit to strip club costly for priest

Posted on June 29, 2006 

Visit to strip club costly for priest

Police in Romania say they have caught a thief who stole money from a priest’s car while he was in a strip club.

The 43-year-old priest was allegedly spotted by the thief in a club called No Problem in Suceava town, reports Evenimentul Zilei newspaper.

Witnesses say he was being free with his money, hiring all of the dancers to perform for him and his friends.

Police say the thief found out which was the priest’s car and broke into it, stealing £4,000 he found in a suitcase.

But officers managed to track him down and recover the money, after studying CCTV footage from the club’s carpark.

Church authorities said they will start their own investigation into the priest’s moral qualifications for his job.

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