Twins invent their own language

Posted on May 6, 2006 

Twins invent their own language

Identical four-year-old twins have been sent to school early because they have developed their own language.

Luke and Jack Ryan, of Cleckheaton, West Yorks, happily chat away but even their parents struggle to understand them.

Mum Hayley, 25, and husband Richard, 30, cope by recognising some similar sounding words – such as bool for school, choo choo for tissue, Jar for Jack and Wook for Luke.

Hayley said: “I find it hard to understand what they are trying to say but I manage by filling in the gaps.

“The boys are having speech therapy and started nursery school early after advice from a health visitor, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much.”

Experts say it’s not uncommon for twins to invent their own language when they are very young but most quickly grow out of it.

Hayley, who has another son Ben, 14 months, added: “The boys have a real bond, which, I suppose, is emphasised by their language.

“But the reality of the matter is that they will need to speak properly to be able to get on in life.”

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