Top 10 Worst Game Controllers

Posted on March 15, 2006 

Top 10 Worst Game Controllers

Today’s Top 10 focuses on some of the brilliantly terrible game controllers that shipped for game systems. Many of these were first-party, out-of-the-box concepts, while others were cash-in ideas from engineers that clearly either didn’t have a sense in their noggin, or they simply listened too much to their marketing department. Either way, these controllers are a bad bunch.

Philips certainly had its heart in the right idea. It just didn’t have the brains. The Philips CD-I was a near dead-on-arrival, straight-to-infomercial multimedia system with a huge focus on games. But with a really retarded set of remote controller designs, from the sluggish and wildly inaccurate analog unit shown here to a digital pad that looks more like a crackpipe than a controller, these guys really knew how to woo the gaming public. But at least the system had Zelda!


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