The Feminisation of Binge Drinking

Posted on September 7, 2006 

Study finds double standard in attitude to women’s drinking
New research has confirmed the so-called “feminisation of binge drinking” – a trend that has seen increasing numbers of women drinking large quantities of alcohol in social situations in line with their modern status as independent with income-earning ability equal to or greater than their male counterparts.

And the research, by psychologist Dr Antonia Lyons, has also revealed that while men and women have a growing acceptance of such behaviour among their friends, they have completely different and contradictory attitudes towards excessive drinking by strangers, depending on whether it is a man or a woman they see getting drunk.

The double standards lead both men and women to label other drinkers with terms like “disgusting”, “embarassing”, and “slutty” if they are women, while publicly drunken men who are strangers are more likely to be regarded by both sexes as amusing or “a joke”.


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