The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen

Posted on September 10, 2006 

The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen

…we thought it only appropriate to wind up the summer with our list of the best obscure films that languished in theaters — often too briefly — while people were paying 10 bucks a head to submit to the pummeling of the Michael Bays and Stephen Sommerses of the world. The challenge posed to our critics was to write about our favorite flicks that for various reasons had never garnered the audiences they deserved…

The criteria were as follows: The movie must have made less than $2.5 million domestically and, to keep the list somewhat current, we limited our timeline to anything released within the lifetime of Emma Roberts (1991-present). To make it more difficult, we also disqualified foreign-language films, documentaries, and movies that made little money in their theatrical releases but found cult followings on DVD…Finally, we did our best to pick films that not only performed poorly but were actually pretty damn entertaining…


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