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Posted on August 2, 2006 

A gun-toting Brazilian actor clad only in swimming trunks stormed a television studio and took a hostage during the filming of the “Snakes and Lizards” soap opera where he was once an extra.

Out-of-work actor Ricardo Dualibi, who was fired from the series in April, fired two shots in the air from a pistol and took one employee hostage in the incident Tuesday, a Globo television spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

He told police he did not intend to hurt anyone, but only wanted to draw the studio’s attention to his art. He was arrested for attempted murder.

Dualibi tried shooting up a television camera inside Globo television’s Projac studio, where some of Brazil’s most popular soap operas are filmed, and shouted nonsense before guards overpowered him.

Dozens of visitors awaiting the launch of a new Globo soap opera project initially thought the scene was part of the plot, but then panicked when they realized the unrest was for real, daily tabloid Extra said.

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