Sonic Passion: A case study on robophiliacs

Posted on October 19, 2006 

Sonic Passion: A case study on robophiliacs
We all know the world wide web is not always a pretty place. Sure, there are plenty of normal web sites for people to visit — web sites that allow us to book vacations or shop from the comfort of our homes, web sites that provide us with great free entertainment, web sites that allow us to get our news for free, and web sites that allow us to interact and connect with others across the globe, for example, but beneath the web’s bright and shiny exterior lies a seamy underbelly full of insane conspiracy theories, sexual depravity, disturbing pictures, and just about anything else you don’t want to see. The bright side of this underbelly is that it is an endless source for humor and entertainment in the form of mockery and satire.

One such hilarious web site is Sonic Passion, a forum for people who are into something called “robophilia”. Just what is robophilia, you ask? The preferred definition seems to be a sexual attraction or love for an artificially intelligent, human-like robot. So if you were attracted to Data from Star Trek (if he were to exist in real life), for example, that would be robophilia. The Sonic Passion forum members have misconstrued this word to mean a sexual attraction to, believe it or not, video game characters. And we’re not talking Lara Croft or Kasumi or Yuna. These people are primarily attracted to characters from the Sonic The Hedgehog series of games. Yeah, you read right.


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