Slum B&B is booked up

Posted on June 1, 2006 

Slum B&B is booked up

A bed and breakfast in the heart of a Brazilian slum has become an unlikely success with tourists.

B&B Favelinha has been completely booked up since opening its door in Rio de Janeiro’s Pereira da Silva slum.

Owner Andreia Martins told Terra Noticias Populares: “We are having to turn lots of people down, we are so full!

“This place is not for the fragile or the weak – if you worry, you’d better stay somewhere else.”

One night at the B&B, in a room overlooking the whole slum, costs £20.

A police spokesperson said: “This slum is a calm one, but even so, it is crazy that so many people want to stay in this B&B, I guess some people want to have dangerous experiences.”

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