Project Revolution Q&A – Starcraft to Warcraft 3 Total Conversion

Posted on May 29, 2006 

Project Revolution Q&A – Starcraft to Warcraft 3 Total Conversion

What is Project Revolution? Project Revolution is a Warcraft III to Starcraft:Broodwar Total Conversion without violating any intellectual property laws. More streamlined, the modders have developed 3D models of Starcraft units, buildings, attack effects, tilesets, Interface(GUI) and doodads to mimic Starcraft: Broodwar sprites. The Total Conversion will run a custom Artificial Intelligence (AI) script, making it playable in the Warcraft III Engine. The developers of this mod are not part of Blizzard Entertainment in any way. They are fans working for fans. The mod will be free to download once released. The developers’s names will have “|PR” next to their name so that you can keep track of who is talking in the following Q&A.

A guestimation, how much in a percent (%) of Project Revolution is done?

We don’t have a time estimate for release right now, and we can’t give a percentage. If we say X% now, then in two months people will say “But you said X% two months ago!” and people will start complaining again. Give the small finger and they’ll take the hand …


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