Pirate Weapons

Posted on September 19, 2006 

The Pirate’s Realm – Pirate Weapons

Modern warfare on the ocean has the objective of destroying the enemy and their ships, planes, tanks, and etc. from great distances, if possible. Most pirates of 300 years ago had a much different goal of capturing the enemy’s ship, contents, and people with as little damage as necessary to the attackers or the prizes. This would make the up-close-and-personal tactic more necessary at times.

Grape shot – bunches of little cast iron balls wrapped in canvas or burlap that would make bunches of folks look like Swiss cheese at close range. Grape was often used with a boarding party or to resist one…. literally in your face.

Just anything – scrap iron, nails, spikes, and yes, when everything else is gone…gold coins(really!) Can you imagine how many of the enemy were trying to catch this shot out of mid-air? Surgeons were said to have cut the coins out of the corpses!


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