Name gaffe on spelling DVD

Posted on November 27, 2006 

Name gaffe on spelling DVD

Eamonn Holmes is fuming after makers of his new spelling game DVD spelt his name wrong on the cover.

Makers DDS Media had to scrap 10,000 games after they called him ‘Eamon’ – with one ‘n’.

According to The Sun, an insider said: “There are a lot of red faces with everyone blaming each other.”

The blunder was spotted by the star when he was sent one of the first DVDs to be pressed.

The insider added: “He said, ‘How can you expect people to buy this game when you’ve misspelt my name on the front!’ We had to destroy the whole first run of 10,000 games and delay the launch.”

The game, Eamonn Holmes’ Spell, with its correct cover is due to go on sale later this week.

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