Mon Dieu! Microsoft snubbed in France

Posted on January 22, 2006 

Mon Dieu! Microsoft snubbed in France

Bad enough that MSN Search wasn’t even mentioned by the French president when he listed the “American giants” competing with France’s tech industry.

“We must meet the global challenge of the American giants Google and Yahoo!,” Jacques Chirac said, according to The Associated Press. “Today the new geography of knowledge and cultures is being drawn. Tomorrow, that which is not available online runs the risk of being invisible to the world,” the French president said.

Chirac then discussed a European response to Google — — a multimedia search engine called Quaero being developed by a European consortium including French electronics company Thomson, France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom. Some suggested the Quaero-Google rivalry could emerge as the online equivalent of the Airbus-Boeing competition. But that marginalizes Microsoft’s search efforts even further.


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