Missing phone delays flight

Posted on May 30, 2006 

Missing phone delays flight

Holidaymakers were stranded at an airport for four hours – because a pilot lost his mobile phone in the cockpit.

The passengers were settled in their seats ready for take-off while the captain gave a running commentary on his search.

He scrambled around the floor and finally called for “technical assistance”.

Engineers had to dismantle sections of the cockpit to search under the floor – but still couldn’t find the phone.

After an hour the 189 passengers were asked to collect their belongings and return to the terminal at Doncaster Robin Hood Airport. They finally took off with a different pilot reports The Sun.

Thomsonfly apologised and insisted they had no choice but to delay the plane.

A spokesman said: “The aircraft could not take off until the phone was recovered as it was still switched on. Phones have to be switched off during a flight for safety reasons.”

A passenger said: “We just couldn’t believe our ears. We thought we’d heard every excuse in the book for delays but this one took the biscuit. At least the pilot was honest right from the start.

“He told us over the tannoy that we couldn’t take off until he found his mobile phone. Fifteen minutes later he said he was still looking for it. So we just waited and waited and he kept announcing they were still looking.

“Then he said the engineers had dismantled some of the panels in the cockpit but they still couldn’t find the phone anywhere.”

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