MI6 places ads for new 007s

Posted on June 7, 2006 

MI6 places ads for new 007s

Britain’s international intelligence service is advertising for new real life James Bonds.

MI6 chiefs are placing ads in The Times newspaper and The Economist magazine this week.

The ads feature photos of places in the world where MI6 operate from their London HQ by the Thames to Arabian deserts and central American jungles.

One of them reads: “We operate around the world to make this country safer and more prosperous.”

A Government source said: “We hope people who might have thought MI6 was not for them may consider us as an employer.”

As well as agents, MI6 is looking for administrators, analysts, linguists, and technology experts.

It’s a first for MI6 but Britain’s domestic spy service MI5 placed similar adverts two years ago.

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