Mayor used official credit card at strip club

Posted on May 21, 2006 

Mayor used official credit card at strip club

A Chicago mayor is in hot water after he used his official credit card at a strip club.

New Lenox Mayor Mike Smith admitted using the card to pick up the £750 tab at VIP’s nightclub, reports NBC5.

He said he was on a bachelor party with about a dozen revellers but was the only one with the means to pay.

“It was just very poor judgment to put it on that card,” admitted Mayor Smith who said he had paid back the money.

“Naturally, when you’re out at a bachelor party having a good time, you’re going to find that… everyone has had a few drinks, and with drinks, sometimes discretion goes out the window.

“I’m no different than anybody else, I’m human. Nobody was stepping up to the table to pay the bill.”

Nancy Dye, a trustee on the village board’s finance committee, said a policy of allowing mayors to use official credit cards and and reimburse the money would be ended.

“As a member of the finance committee, I knew the mayor was using the credit card for personal uses, and we had asked him to stop doing that,” she said.

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