Lottery couple leave McDonald’s

Posted on November 22, 2006 

Lottery couple leave McDonald’s

A couple who vowed to continue working in McDonald’s after winning £1.3m on the Lottery have changed their minds.

Luke Pittard and fiancee Emma Cox, from Cardiff, returned to work after winning the money in July.

Mr Pittard said: “We said we would keep our jobs but there’s no point earning £6 an hour when you have more than £1m sitting in the bank.”

Instead, the couple, from the Pontprennau area, say they are spending “quality time” with their two-year-old daughter Chloe.

Ms Cox was earning £16,000-a-year as an area manager for the burger train with Mr Pittard picking up £12,000-a-year as a staff trainer.

Before the win the couple could not afford to live together and stayed three miles apart with their respective parents.

They now rent a luxury £300,000 home and are planning their wedding next year, reports the BBC.

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